Tournaments Results

2016- for more results please visit the SW web site:

Team USA vs Canada North American Challenge Sept 29th – Oct 1st, 2016                                  Women’s Jarvis Team Won: Janice Bell, Candy DeFazio, Anne Nunes,                                   Kim Heiser, Michele Arculli


Ralph Ecton Triples @ Oxnard 7/10/16

3rd Phil Dunn, Kay Tong, Grant Shear

7/9/16 Pat Gonzales Mixed Australian Pairs @ Long Beach

A Green  1st Margi Rambo & Marinko Tudor

3rd Tony Baer & Candy DeFazio

all winners will play in National Championships Sun City, AZ Oct 24th-29th, 2016

6/25-6/26/16 US Nationals FINALS (Women) Pairs @ Laguna Beach

1st Stripes: Eva Lee, Candy DeFazio  2nd: Eileen Lancendorfer, Carol Poto


1st Stripes: Kottia Spangler, Dee McSparran 2nd: Margi Rambo, Linda Roberts

6/25-6/26/16 US Nationals FINALS (Men) Singles @ Newport

1st Stars: Robert Busciglio

1st Stripes: Scott Roberts

Beckley 2 Bowl Mixed Triples @ Santa Monica 6/12/16

1st Grant Shear, Barry Hayes, Patricia Hayes

4th Robert Busciglio, Steve Alessi, Flor Wright

City of Hope @ Santa Anita 6/11/16

A Green; 1st Grant Shear, Steve Alessi, Robert Busciglio

6/4-6/5/16 (Men) So CA Rinks @ Long Beach

2nd Jim Olson, Ed Quo, Tony DeFazio, Bob Nunes

3rd Tony Baer, Kay Tong, Grant Shear, Matt Bauchiero

6/5/16 (Women) Fossati & Friends Triples @ Newport Harbor

2nd Shirley Price, Debby Gaal, Shelly Cohen

Walt Disney Pairs @ Beverly Hills  5/28-5/30/16

7th  Eileen Lancendorfer & Tom Davis

8th Keno Shaw & Candy DeFazio

Men’s Chris Hyland Triples @ Newport  5/22/16

1st Tony Baer, Ian Ho, Gil Gillespie


Laguna Woods Memorial Mixed Triples 5/21/16

A Green

2nd Robert Busciglio, Flor Wright, Heidi Fernandes

Men’s Novice Singles @ Newport 5/15/16

1st Robert Busciglio 3rd Steve Alessi


Women’s Katy Stone Singles @ Long Beach 5/14/16

1st Eileen Lancendorfer  3rd Flor Wright





2016_results_swwd_open.pngStirrat Mixed Triples @ Santa Ana 4-23-16

2nd Marinko Tudor, Margi Rambo, Alan Ngo



Vet-Novice Triples @ Costa del Sol 4-2-16

2nd Heidi Fernades, Kim Heiser, Nicole Burris


4th  Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio, Pashi Vakova


Vet-Novice Mix/Match Triples @ Laguna Beach 2-27-16

South Green

1st: Sean McMorris, Ed Quo, Robert Busciglio


North Green

2nd: Reinie Kramer, Kim Heiser, Mike Ruggles

Mumma Mixed Pairs @ Riverside 2/20/16

1st:  Candy DeFazio & Ed Quo


2015 – for a list of all names of who won go to:

Aussie Pairs @ Riverside 11/8/15

A Green 2nd place: Scott Roberts & Candy DeFazio


Mixed Pairs-Men Skip @ Laguna Beach 11/7/15

A Green 4th place:  Scott Boyd & Candy DeFazio


Jack Beckley Quinnell Rinks @ Santa Monica 10/11/2015

4th place: Ivan Hyland, Scott Boyd, Maryna Hyland, Candy DeFazio

U.S. Open 9/27-10/3/2015

Bowlers of the Tournament:  Candy DeFazio and Scott Roberts



3rd Flight 1st place: Diana Wilk, Steph Johnson, Jackie Huisman, Hildegard Kennedy

4th Flight 1st place: Eileen Morton, Heidi Fernandes, Dale Davidson, Margi Rambo


Championship Flight; 1st place: Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio


2nd: Regina Banares, Dee McSparran

4th: Eva Lee, Carol Poto


Championship Flight: 2nd Candy DeFazio

4th  Dee McSparran

2nd Flight 2nd place:  Kim Heiser

3rd Flight 1st place: Carol Poto

5th Flight 1st place: Heidi Fernandes  2nd place: Eileen Lancendorfer

Men’s Singles: 4th Flt 1st place:  Grant Shear

women ~Calif Bears @ Newport 9/13/15

2nd Kottia Spangler, Eva Lee, Dee McSparran, Anne Nunes

Mike & Mimi Majer Mixed Pairs @ Laguna Woods 9/12/15

A Green  4th  Ed Quo & Heidi Fernandes

B Green 4th Robert Busciglio & Flor Wright

Joslyn Mix Trips @ Holmby 8/29/15

“A” Green”

1st Alhambra

Joslyn 005

2nd Santa Monica

3rd Groves

4th & 5th Newport

6th Holmby

“B” Green

1st Holmby

2nd Hermosa

3rd Alhambra

4th Beverly Hills

5th Groves

6th Long Beach

Joslyn 007

Men ~ Novice Pairs @ Newport Harbor 8/23/15

3rd place:  Robert Busciglio, Ed Chatlin


Women – Veteran/Novice Pairs @ Laguna Beach 8/23/15

A Green

1st Dee McSparran, Jann Bagley


2nd Kim Heiser, Pashi Vakiva


John Clark Mixed Triples @ Hermosa Beach 8/22/15

A Group (“Lions”)

  1. Ian Ho, Sean McMorris, Candy DeFazio2015_pic_a_winners
  2.  Eileen Lancendorfer, Cecile Langevin, Tom Davis
  3. * Aaron Zangl, Gil Gilespie, Rosa Baer   *Tied
  4. * Rick Gregory, Dee McSparran, Debbie Gregory  *Tied

B Group (“Tigers”)

  1. Tony Crutchfield, Laurie Richards, Herb Glazeroff2015_pic_b_winners
  2. Morris Lane, Flor Wright, Barbara Clark

Detta Marvin Mixed Triples @ Laguna Beach 8/16/15

Green 1

3rd; Scott Boyd, Maryna Hyland, Heather Stewart


4th, Reinie Kramer, Kim Heiser, Teemo Macchiavello

Green 2

1st  Patrick Chan, Dee McSparran, Bill Kagan

DMMT 1st G2 Patrick-Dee-Bill (4)

2nd Eileen Lancendorfer, Carol Poto, Tom Davis

2nd G-2 DMMT Eileen-Tom-Carol

Pat Gonzales Mixed Australian Pairs 8/15/15 @ Long Beach

A Green  4th: Grant Shear, Dee McSparran

Men: Cary-MacDonald pairs 8/8/15 @ Long Beach

Cary Flight: 2nd Grant Shear, Barry Hayes

2nd Cary Flt Grant-Barry (1)

SWWD Rinks @ Hermosa Beach  8/8/15

1st Kottia Spangler, Dee McSparran, Jo Mumma, Debbie Gregory

1st SWWD Rinks Kottia-Jo-Debbie-Dee(2)

San Diego Mixed Pairs August 2nd, 2015

1st Anne Nunes, Bill Brault

2nd Neil Furman, Heather Stewart

3rd Dee McSparran, Bill Kagan

4th Leonard Wasserman, Lynda Borkum

5th Steve Smith, Maryna Hyland

San Diego Mix Triples August 1st, 2015

A Green

1st Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Anne Nunes

2nd Neil Furman, Scott Roberts, Heather Stewart

3rd Patrick Chan, Dee McSparran, Bill Kagan

4th Bob Birkinshaw, Sean McMorris Alice Birkinshaw

* Tony Baer, Nancy Santos, Tony Santos

Coronado Mixed Triples July 25, 2015

A Group

1st Greg Hammond, Peter Ritchie, Brenda Wright

2nd Leonard Wasserman, Phil Salt, Lynda Borkum

3rd Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Maryna Hyland

4th Tony Baer, Dee McSparran, Josh Hood

Men’s Pairs Playdowns


1st  Herbert, Stewart
2nd Grant Shear , Robert  Busciglio
3rd, Harris, Santo
4th tie Buono, Hood
4th Tie Roberts, Ho
1st Smith, Regan
2nd Olson, Teske
3rd Pinella, DeTaillac
4th tie Furman, Zangl
4th tie Tse, Horowitz
1st Place WINNERS will be bowling in the Nationals, held here in Long Beach 10/19/- 10/24th, 2015

The FIRST place winners will be representing the SW Division at Nationals in October 19th-24th, being held in Long Beach 2015

 Women’s Singles


1st:  Anne Nunes

2ndKim Heiser


1st: Margi Rambo

2nd: Heather Stewart

Women’s Pairs

1st place  Dee McSparran, Candy DeFazio
2nd place Kim Heiser, Debbie Gregory
1st place  Patricia Cronshaw, Hildegard Kennedy
2nd place  Kottia Spangler, Anne Nunes
Men’s Singles
1st  Bill Brault
2nd  Steve Smith
3rd Charlie Herbert
4th (tie) Bob Birkinshaw
4th (tie) Grant Shear
1st Mert Isaacman
2nd Tony Baer
3rd Brian Stewart
4th (tie) Sean McMorris
4th (tie) Matt Bauchiero

Beckley 2-Bowl Mixed Triples @ Santa Monica 6/7/15

2nd Rick Gregory, Debbie Gregory, Dee McSparran

3rd Marinko Tudor, Alan Ngo, Margi Rambo

4th Ian Ho, Eva Lee, Candy DeFazio

City of Hope Triples@ Santa Anita 6/6/15

1st Marinko Tudor, Margi Rambo, Alan Ngo

2nd Scott Roberts, Candy DeFazio, Linda Roberts


Chris Hyland Men’s Triples @ Newport 5/31/15

2nd  Rick Gregory, Tony DeFazio, Malcolm McDonald


SWWD Novice Singles @ Long Beach 5/31/15

1st Norma Goodhart

2nd Mel Leach

Mel Leach 006

Walt Disney Pairs @ Bevery Hills May 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2015

3rd place:  Stuart Bell, Grant Shear

Katy Stone Singles – May 17, 2015 @ Long Beach

1st Cecile Langevin

Katy Stone 007

2nd Stephanie Johnson

3rd Anne Nunes

4th Kim Heiser

Katy Stone 002

SWLBA Novice Singles, May 17th, 2015 @  Laguna Woods

1st Robert Busciglio


Stirrat Mixed Triples – May 16th, 2015 @ Santa Ana

1st  Scott Boyd, Heidi Fernandes, Candy DeFazio

photo (3)

Men-Southern California Rinks 5/2-5/3 @ Long Beach

  1. Neil Furman, Joe Regan, Bob Nunes, Bill Brault
  2. Mert Isaacman, Andy Kerr, Barry Hayes, Grant Shear
  3. Charlie Herbert, Aaron Zangl, Max Cavender, Scott Roberts
  4. Robert Alessi, Paul Gresbrink, John Arbogast, Wutwa Hsu

Fossati Triples @ Newport 5/3/15

1. Kim Heiser, Janice Bell, Eileen Morton

Fossati tournament 008

2. Dee McSparran, Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio

Fossati tournament 007

3. Heidi Fernandes, Debbie Gregory, Carol Poto

Fossati tournament 006

4. Maryna Hyland, Jan Hargraves, Jo Mumma

Amador Martinez Triples 4/26/15

2. Phil Dunn, Dee McSparran, Candy DeFazio


4. Kay Tong, Barry Hayes, Grant Shear

4thKay2015 (2)

Carnival @ Long Beach  4/25/2015

1st Ron Creaager

2nd Scott Boyd

3rd Gordon Thomas

4th Sherry Creager

5th Norm Imberman

6th Ronald Neef

7th Tom Davis

8th George Renshaw

9th Bob Birkinshaw

10th Carl Berry

11th Pat Curran

12th Scott Roberts

13th  Jackie Huisman

14th John Arbogast

SW Open April 11th to 16th

Women ~

2nd Flight:  Kottia Spangler, Kim Heiser, Janice Bell, Anne Nunes
3rd Flight: 1st Mary Ann Beath, Eva Lee, Eileen Lancendorfer, Lorraine Hitchcock
 3rd Flight 2nd: Cheryl Barkovich, Margi Rambo, Linda Roberts, Christine Collins
Championship Flight
2nd:  Margi Rambo Linda Roberts
3rd: Reggie Banares, Dee McSparran
2nd Flight 1st:  Kim Heiser, Janice Bell
Championship Flight
1st: Dee McSparran Bowler of the Tournament
4th  Heidi Fernandes
4th Flight 1st: Carol Poto
Men ~ Fours:
4th Flight – Rick Gregory, Barry Hayes, Grant Shear, Stuart Bell
Championship Flight 4th:  Barry Hayes, Grant Shear

Vet/Novice Triples @ Costa del Sol  3/29/2015

1st:  Jan Hargraves, Paula Bogenrief, Doreen Mayo

2nd. Joanne Hedgespeth, Mary Thompson, Patty Martinez

3rd. Maryna Hyland, Linda Roberts, Norma Goodhart

4th. Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio, Patti Basillie

SWWD Australian Pairs @ Riverside  3/21/2015

1st Kim Heiser, Debbie Gregory

2nd Dee McSparron, Kottia Spangler

3rd. Eva Lee, Jo Mumma

4th. Rita Greenberg, Doreen Mayo

Vet/Novice Triples Mix or Match Triples @ Santa Anita  3/7/2015

Green 2

1st. Reinie Kramer, Kim Heiser, Ed Chatlin

2nd. Scott Boyd, Corey Vose, Candy DeFazio

3rd. Shuman Chan, Allan Ngo, Rudy Uribe

4th. Robert Alessi, George Petyo, Steve Alessi

Tiger Bowls World Invitation Hong Kong Tour held March 14-15, 2015
March 19th, 2015
CONGRATULATIONS to women’s Team USA for bringing home GOLD!
in the China Open. The Team:
Regina Banares(SC), Margi Rambo (SW), Linda Roberts (SW), Candy DeFazio (SW)
Great news!

3/7/15  Vet-Novice Mix/Match Triples @ Santa Anita

Green 2

1st  Reinie Kramer, Kim Heiser, Ed Chatlin

2nd Scott Boyd, Corey Vose, Candy DeFazio

3rd  Shuman Chan, Allan Ngo, Rudy Uribe

4th  Robert Alessi, George Petyo , Steve Alessi

2/22/15 Mumma Mixed Pairs (women skip) @ Riverside

A Green

1st          Anne Nunes & Bill Brault

2nd         Kottia Spangler & Sean McMorris

3rd      Eva Lee & Ian Ho

4th      Melanie Vizenor & Peter Ritchie

B Green

1st      Christine Collins & Robert Alessi

2nd      Brenda Head & Tony Head

3rd      Linda Vose & Corey Vose

4th      Wanda Taylor & Dewey Tse

South Central Division – Sun City, AZ

Women’s SINGLES 2/10/2015

1st- Rosalie Parsons-Brown

2nd- Regina Banares.

3rd-Jean Roney

4th- Anne Van Bastelaere

2f-1 Carol Poto

2f-2 Mary Wright

3f-1 Lorraine Hitchcock

3f-2 Laurie Roth

3f challenge- Eileen Lancendorfer

4f-1 MaryAnn Beath

4f-2 Pat Vos

4f challenge- Candy DeFazio

5f-1 Janice Bell

5f-2 Cheryl Barkovich

6f-1 Jan Robinson

6f-2 Linda McDougall

Women’s RINKS

1st– Debbie Tupper, Rosalie Parsons-Brown, Jo Anne Bugler & Pam Edwards

2nd– Dora Stewart, Mary Wright, Pat Harrison & Arlene McGinn

3rd- Elaine Hansen, Sharon Ward, Karen Teagle & Jennie Scutt.

4th-Cheryl Barkovich, Eileen Morton, Margi Rambo & Christine Collins

2f-1 Regina Banares, Dee McSparran, Eileen Lancendorfer & Candy DeFazio


2f-2 Joan Cameron, Laurie Roth, Betty Mayne & Ann Howland

3f-1 MaryAnn Beath, Marlene Cleutinx, Jackie Tucker & Anne Van Bastelaere

3f-2 Melanie Vizenor, Alexis VandenBos, Nancy Santos & Dale Davidson

3f challenge- Jan Robinson, Pat Vos, Cathy Wieliczko & Sharon Brunelle

Women’s pairs 2/11-2/12

1st –  Rosalie Parsons-Brown & Joan Bugler

2nd- MaryAnn Beath & Anne Van Bastelaere

3rd- Jean Roney & Janice Bell

4th- Marlene Cleutinx & Jackie Tucker

2f-1 Eileen Lancendorfer & Candy DeFazio


2f-2 Regina Banares & Dee McSparran

3f-1 Kim Heiser & Sue Roth

3f-2 Dora Stewart & Mary Wright

3f challenge- Myra Wood & Lorraine Hitchcock

4f-1 Linda McDougall & Constance Desjardins

4f-2 Michele Arculli & Linda Roberts

4f challenge- Cathy Wieliczko & Mary Ann Little

5f-1 Leone King & Barb Schaefer

5f-2 Leone Braby & Arlene McGinn

Winter League 2014-2015


Holding 3rd place plaque.  We defeated Laguna Beach 1 by the score of 31-9 to finish in 3rd place in Winter League.

Grant Shear, Barry Hayes, Heidi Fernandes, John Arbogast

Mix/Match Vet-Novice Triples @ Long Beach Saturday, November 15th
South Green:
1st: Scott Boyd, Candy DeFazio, Corey Vose
2nd: Cheryl Barkovich, Betsy Lauryssen, Trudi Green
3rd: Brian Stewart, Jan Hargraves, Paula Bogenrief
4th: Dan Johnson, Georgie Deno, Jann Bagley
Center Green:
1st: Scott Roberts, Linda Roberts, Matt Bauchiero
2nd: Rick Gregory, Debbie Gregory, Andy Vevers
3rd: Tony DeFazio, Malcolm MacDonald, Mary Gaiz
4th: Barry Hayes, Carol Poto, Grant Shear

Oaks North Mixed Triples, November 9th, 2014
A Group
1st Tony Baer, Roger Teske, Kim Heiser
2nd Scott Roberts, Ed Quo, Linda Roberts
3rd James Flowers, Noreen Wilke, Betsy Lauryssen
B Group
1st Keno Shaw, bob Birkinshaw, Alice Birkinshaw
2nd: Boyce Stringer, Gregg Gattuso, Nancy Stringer
3rd: Stephanie Johnson, Reggie Rook, Greg Golgart

Misc photos 019

Sun City Mix or Match Triples – Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Flight – 3rd place:

Scott Robert, Linda Roberts, Heidi Fernandes

Women’s 5-Star Sunday, October 26th
1st place Long Beach 1 team

Cecile Langevin,  Jackie Huisman, Liz Fowler, Carol Poto, Heidi Fernandes

Womens 5-Star 001
2nd Place Long Beach 2 Team
Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio, Kim Heiser, Steph Johnson, Debbie Gregory

Womens 5-Star 003

World Senior Games in St. George, Utah

Mel Leach took Bronze:

photo 1a

Jack Beckley Quinnell Rinks @ Santa Monica 10-12-2014
A Group:
1st: Stuart Bell, Len Wasserman, Linda Burton, Betsy Lauryssen
2nd: Phil Dunn, Barry Hayes, Grant Shear, Jo Mumma
3rd: Ian Ho, Kottia Spangler, Eva Lee, Anne Nunes
B Group
1st: Amador Martinez, Armand Escalante, Gloria Brown, Paul Perez
2nd: Amo Garcia, Jim Lundy, Jackie Stanley, Roger Withrington

Sunday, October 5th, 2014
Bill Hiscock 2-Bowl Mixed Triples – RESULTS

A Green
1. Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Kim Heiser

2. Howard Harris, Leonard Wasserman, Christine Ludwig
3. Liam Courtney, Anne Nunes, Dee McSparran
4. Scott Roberts, Ed Quo, Linda Roberts
Consolation: Rick Gregory, Debbie Gregory, Carol Poto
B Green
1. Gerhardt Vogel, Bill Killingsworth, Gerrie Giseburt
2. Stan Silver, Javier Gomez, Pauline Lyon
3. Eileen Lancendorfer, Tom Davis, Jackie Huisman

4. Sean McMorris, Bill Kagan, Sharon Tooley
Consolation: Garrett D’Aigle, Jim Semanek, Berie Grobe

Australian Pairs
9/28/14 at Riverside LBC
A-Green (14 teams)
1st Houdini Ho & Marinko Tudor
2nd Scott Roberts & Linda Roberts
3rd Eileen Lancendorfer & Tom Davis
B-Green (12 teams)
1st Jo Ann LaFrenais & Christine Collins
2nd Jim Semanek & Bob McSparran
3rd Robert Alessi & Steve Alessi

Mike & Mimi Majer Mixed Pairs
9/27/14 at Laguna Woods LBC
A-Green (16 teams)
1st Roger Teske & Lynda Borkum
2nd Reinie Kramer & Kim Heiser
3rd Steve Smith & Maryna Hyland
4th Scott Roberts & Linda Roberts
B-Green (16 teams)
1st Bob Gervase & Barbara Gervase
2nd Buzz Bowbeer & Helen Mathewson
3rd Ken Frey & Shirley Collins
4th Frank Del Ponte & Ellie Orewyler

Maccabee Pairs
9/7/14 at Beverly Hills LBC (16 Teams)

1st Rick Gregory & Norm Wiles
2nd Eva Lee & Carol Poto
3rd James Flower & Stuart Bell
4th Barry Hayes & Grant Shear

US Open – 2014 9/14-9/20

1st: Carol Poto

Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you who attended the US Open final at Laguna Beach and cheered me on to victory, and also a more public “thank you” to each and every one of my fellow club members who helped me along the way with bowling tips, invited me to tournaments, and put up with my novice efforts on club bowling days. I’m so grateful for your help and friendship.
— Carol Poto

2nd Flight
1st: Candy DeFazio
2nd: Kim Heiser
Women’s PAIRS
2nd: Kim Heiser/Jo Mumma
3rd Flight
2nd: D. Gregory/C. Poto
Women’s RINKS
4th: Deno, Huisman, Johnson, Alexander
2nd; Tong, Tudor, Barry Hayes, Grant Shear
3rd: Mijnhiijmer, DeRooij, Zangl, Tony DeFazio
6th Flight
1st: Barry Hayes / Grant Shear

SWWD Vet/Novice Pairs @ Laguna Beach 8-24-14
A Green
1st Jan Hargraves & Paula Bogenrief
2nd Anne Nunes & Alice Birkinshaw
3rd Betsy Lauryssen & Trudi Green

B Green
1st Carol Poto & Sandra Schlosser
2nd Mary Thompson & Kathy Krauss

Pat Gonzales Mixed Australian Pairs 8/16/14 @ Long Beach

A Green
1st Eva Lee & Ian Ho
2nd Kottia Spangler & Bill Reidy
3rd Eileen Lancendorfer & Tom Davis

4th Kay Tong & Margi Rambo
B Green
1st Sean McMorris & Cheri Cabot

PG Aussie Pairs 100-a
2nd Grant Shear & Patti Balsillie
3rd Corey Vose & Linda Burton
4th Greg Golgart & Jackie Huisman


Detta Marvin Mixed Triples, – Saturday, August 9th, 2014 @ Laguna Beach
Green 2
1st Eileen Lancendorfer, Carol Poto, Tom Davis

2nd Ian Ho, Anne Nunes, Bill Brault
3rd Kay tong, Alan Ngo, Margi Rambo
4th Ryan Neptune, Rita Greenberg, Tony Greenberg

San Diego Mixed pairs – 8/3/14
1st Kelly Warren, Candy DeFazio
2nd Bill Brault, Anne Nunes
3rd Dave Wageman, Kathleen Wageman
4th Neil Furman, Heather Stewart
5th Jim Olson, Robin Olson

Cary-MacDonald @ Long Beach 7/26-27, 2014
1st Place: Jim Flower and Stuart Bell
2nd Place: Steve Smith and Bill Brault
3rd Place: Tony DeFazio and Malcolm MacDonaldCary Mac 006

4th Place: Rick Gregory and Norm Wiles

1st Place: Phil Dunn and Mert Isaacman
2nd Place: Barry Hayes and Grant ShearCary Mac 018
3rd Place: Roger Teske and Peter Ritchie
4th Place: Scott Roberts and Tony Baer (Peter Sinclair filled in for Tony Baer on Sunday)

Rinks @ Hermosa Beach 7/26/14

1st Jan Hargraves, Linda Roberts, Brenda Head, Alice Birkinshaw

2nd: Cecile Langevin, Heidi Fernandes, Stephanie Johnson, Laurie Richards


3rd: Eva Lee, Eileen Lancendorfer, Brenda Wright, Candy DeFazio


SWWD Fossati & Friends Triples
7/20/14 Newport HLBC (16 teams)
1st Heidi Fernandes, Debbie Gregory, Carol Poto (3-0 +20)
2nd Linda Roberts, Gisela Schmid, Linda Lou Burton (3-0 +19)
3rd Bev Adams, Jean Winfield, Sharon Grady (2-1-0 +14)
4th Dee McSparran, Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio (2-1-0 +8)
5th Melanie Vizenior, Gerrie Giseburt, Lynda Borkum (2-1 +17)

Fossati tournament 001

Fossati tournament 009

Katy Stone Singles 7/12/14 @ Long Beach

1st Ann Nunes

2nd  Debbie Gregory

3rd  Carol Poto

4th  Dee McSparran

5th  Betsy lauryssen

6th Mary Helen Costanza

Katy Stone Singles 011
Tommy Stirrat Mixed Triples 7/6/14 at Santa Ana LBC (20 Teams)
1st Charlie Herbert, Bill Brault, Anne Nunes
2nd Sean McMorris, Shuman Chan, Melanie Vizenor
3rd Eileen Lancendorfer, Grant Shear, Tom Davis
4th Ivan Hyland, Eva Lee, Betsy Lauryssen

Laguna Beach Open Pairs  6/29/14

Women (14 Teams)
1st Christine Ludwig & Linda Roberts
2nd Mary Thompson & Joanne Hedgespeth
3rd Kim Heiser & Debbie Gregory
4th Eva Lee & Cheryl Barkovich
Men (14 Teams)
1st Ian Ho & Scott Roberts
2nd Michael Siddall & Joe Regan
3rd Greg Hammond & Boyce Stringer
4th Bill Kagan & Fred Robles

SW Women’s Playdowns  6/14

Winners of the play-downs are
Stars: 1st Dee McSparran – 2nd Candy DeFazio

62114 006
Stripes: 1st Heather Stewart – 2nd Eva Lee.

Novice Singles – Women @ Long Beach June 1st

1. Alice Birkinshaw @ Sun City

2. Mary Helen Costanza @ Long Beach

3. Lynne Clark @ Long Beach

 Novice Singles – MENS @ Laguna Woods June 1st

1. Matthew Bauchiero

2. Grant Shear

3. Christian DeTaillac

4. Edward Chatlin

City of Hope Triples – Saturday, May 31st, 2014 @ Santa Anita
A Green – TIE
Scott Roberts, Candy DeFazio, Linda Roberts
Kay tong, Joe Yu, Herman Lee
B Green
1. tom Ly, Guo Cheng, Alaice Lou
2. Stephanie Johnson, Heidi Fernandes, Malcolm McDonald

Disney Pairs @ Beverly Hills
Saturday – Monday May 24 – 26, 2014
1. Victor Green, Harry Dickinson
2. Sean McMorris, Shuman Chan
3. Stuart Bell, Grant Shear
4. Dee McSparran, Candy DeFazio

Dutch Open May 4- 10, 2014

Women’s pairs 2nd US1 Janice Bell and Kim Heiser

Fours 3rd US2  Phil Dunn, John Johnson, Brenda Wright, Anna Witt

SW Women’s US Pairs Playdowns 4/26-27 & May 3-4

Stars: 1st: Eileen Lancendorfer & Carol Poto  2nd: Diana Wilk & Hildegard Kennedy

Strips: 1st Kottia Spangler & Anne Nunes 2nd: Dee McSparran & Candy DeFazio

Men’s So Calif RINKS 4/26-27 @ Long Beach

1st Neil Furman, Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Aaron Zangl
2nd Tony Baer, Charlie Herbert, Mert Isaacman, Clay Nolde
3rd Roger Teske, Howard Harris, Ryan Neptune, Leonard Wasserman
4th Scott Roberts, Andy Kerr, Barry Hayes, Grant Shear
Consolation Bill Hiscock, Jim Olson, Ed Quo, Javier Gomez

Carnival  4/5 @ Long Beach

1st     David Price

2nd     Frank Moltane

3rd     Steve Dowd

4th     Linda Flahive

5th     Alice Birkenshaw

6th     Tony Crutchfield

7th     Christine Ludwig

8th     J W  Wilkes

9th     John Gott

10th    Eileen Lancendorfer

11th    Stephanie Johnson

12th    Linda Roberts

13th    Colleen Jenkins

14th    Alex Wekerle

Consolation:  Mike Mirabal

SWWD Open Results 4/2014

CHP 1ST Kottia Spangler Janice Bell Kim Heiser Anne Nunes
2ND Christine Ludwig Christine Collins Debbie Gregory Alice Birkenshaw
3RD Stephanie Johnson Heidi Fernandez Carol Poto Laurie Richards
4TH Eva Lee Eileen Lancendorfer Brenda Wright Lynda Borkum
2ND FLT 1ST Maryna Hyland Heather Stewart Jan Hargraves Jo Mumma
2ND Judith Perkins Joanne Kluck Cheryl Minvielle Angie Peet
3RD FLT 1ST Reggie Banares Dee McSparran Diana Wilk Candy DeFazio
2ND Cheryl Barkovich Margi Rambo Linda Roberts Gisela Schmid
CHP 1ST Kim Heiser Janice Bell
2ND Melanie Vizenor Gerrie Giseburt
3RD Maryna Hykabd Heather Stewart
4TH Reggie Banares Dee McSparran
2ND FLT 1ST Christine Ludwig Christine Collins
2ND Myra Wood Barb Roller
3RD FLT 1ST Eileen Lancendorfer Candy DeFazio
2ND Margi Rambo Linda Roberts
4TH FLT 1ST Heidi Fernandes Carol Poto
2ND Ginger Harris Nikki Schrager
CHP 1ST Hildegard Kennedy
2ND Anne Nunes
3RD Diana Wilk
4TH Eileen Lancendorfer
2ND FLT 1ST Carol Poto
2ND Kim Heiser
3RD FLT 1ST Reggie Banares
2ND Heidi Fernandes
4TH FLT 1ST Nikki Schrager
2ND Frances Shen
5TH FLT 1ST Chris Adams
2ND Christine Collins

SW Men’s Open Rinks 4/2014

Championship Flight:

1-Baer Team

2- Bill Hiscock, Dennis Mijnhijmer, Peter Knopf, Tony DeFazio

3- Fessler Team

4- courtney Team

3rd flight

1- John Arbogast, Richart White, Tom Davis, Peter Sinclair

2- Broad Team

Vet-Novice Triples (women only) @ Costa del Sol March 23rd, 2014
1st Eileen Lancendorfer, Carol Poto, Patti Basilles (Long Beach)

2nd Jan Hargraves, Dee McSparran, Doreen Mayo (Newport Harbor)

3rd Maryna Hyland (Newport), Kim Heiser (Laguna), Sarah Case (Hemet)

Pomona Mix or Match Triples  3/22/14 at Pomona LBC

A-Green (14 Teams)

1st Charlie Herbert, Liam Courtney, Ryan Neptune

2nd Reinie Kramer, Scott Roberts, Kim Heiser

3rd Andy Kerr, Jerry Grady, Robert Alessi

4th Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Kottia Spangler

B-Green (14 Teams)

1st Paul Gresbrink, Art Jenkins, Bob Schmalholz

2nd Wiley Doss, Micky Alexander, Kevon Jones

3rd Keno Shaw, Mike Bright, Gail Hodgson

4th Evelyn Tiel, Nancy Doss, Jim Semanek

SWWD CA Bears  3/16/14 at Santa Anita BGC (8 Teams)

1st     Kottia Spangler, Eva Lee, Anne Nunes, Dee McSparran

   2nd    Maryna Hyland, Heather Stewart, Brenda Wright, Jo Mumma

  3rd     Angie Salgado, Laurie Richards, Mary Thompson, Joanne Hedgespeth

SWWD Australian Pairs  3/15/14 Riverside (14 teams)

1st     Dee McSparran & Kottia Spangler (3W +22)

2nd    Maryna Hyland & Jan Hargraves (3W +19)

3rd   Christine Ludwig & Christine Collins (3W +11)

4th    Kim Heiser & Eileen Lancendorfer (2W +7)

Vet-Novice Mix-Match Triples 3/9/14 at Santa Anita BGC (18 Teams)

1st Andy Kerr, Tony DeFazio, Tom Baughman

2nd Richart White, John Arbogast, Rich DeCoudres

3rd Roger Teske, Melanie Vizenor, Tod Friedman

Don Goodrich Senior Triples  3/8/14 at Sun City LBC

A-Green (12 Teams)

1st Melanie Vizenor, Shirley Jacobs, Gerrie Giseburt

2nd Eileen Lancendorfer, John Arbogast, Tom Davis

3rd Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Brenda Wright

4th Marinko Tudor, Houdini Ho, Steve Dowd

B-Green (10 Teams)

1st Robert Moreno, Gregg Gattuso, Richard Reid

2nd Gail Hodgson, Fred Robles, Christine Collins

3rd Linda Blanche, Micky Alexander, Jim Semanek

Mumma Mixed Pairs (Women Skip)    2/23/14 at Riverside LBC

A-Group (18 Teams)

1st     Kim Heiser & Reinie Kramer

2nd    Cecile Langevin & Barry Hayes

3rd     Anne Nunes & Bill Brault

4th     Sharon Grady & Jerry Grady

5th     Margaret Cooper & Peter

Consolation    Eva Lee & Bill Kagan

B-Group (18 Teams)

1st     Sandy Dalzell & Sean McMorris

2nd    Wanda Taylor & Dewey Tse

3rd     Melanie Vizenor & Tod Friedman

4th     Heidi Fernandez & Richart White

5th     Brenda Head & Tony Head

Consolation   Jackie Huisman & Dan Johnson

2014 South Central Division Open 2/9 – 2/14, 2014


2nd Flight:  2nd Eileen Lancendorfer

PAIRS:3RD Flight Challenge:1st   Eileen Lancendorfer  &   Candy De Fazio

Gil Stephan Rinks Tournament

1st Place – 3rd Flight: Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio, Ed Quo & Bill Hiscock



Club Gender Challenge Pairs (Men vs Women)
11/17/13 at Newport Harbor LBC (14 Teams)

1st    Dee McSparran & Candy DeFazio

2nd   John MacDonald & Jim White

3rd    Don Stewart & Roger Cooper

Vet/Novice Mix/Match Triples @ Long Beach, Saturday, November 16, 2013

Green 1

1st  Tony DeFazio, Carol Poto, Susan Rice


2nd Rick Gregory, Jan Hargraves, Paula Bogenrief


3rd Peter Ritchie, Sharon Tooley, Gary Weller

Green 2

1st Scott Boyd, Candy DeFazio, Rich DeCoudres


2nd Bill Hiscock, Kim Heiser, Javier Gomez


3rd Patrick Collins, Christine Collins, Sarah Case


Jan Wessel Memorial Mixed Triples 11/10/13 at Oaks North LBC

A Flight (8 Teams)

1st     Scott Roberts, Ed Quo, Linda Roberts

2nd    Roger Teske, Kim Heiser, Eileen Lancendorfer


3rd     Gregg Gattuso, Richard Reid, Sharon Tooley

B Flight (6 Teams)

1st     Boyce Stringer, Robert McMahon, Gerrie Giseburt

2nd    Herb Glazeroff, Steph Johnson, Grant Shear

2013 Waterbury – All-League – Championship 

Sat. Oct.26th, at Long Beach LBC. 


1st Place: Alhambra

2nd Place: Newport Harbor

3rd Place: Riverside


2013 WINNERS  Sunday, October 27th– Women’s 5- Star @ Long Beach

1st Place: Newport Harbor
Kottia Spangler, Anne Nunes, Dee McSparran, Eva Lee, Linda Roberts

2nd Place: Long Beach
Kim Heiser, Eileen Lancendorfer, Candy DeFazio, Steph Johnson, Debbie Gregory


3rd Place: Casta del Sol
Shirley Price, Angie Salgado, Mary Thompson, Joanne Hedgespeth, Margi Rambo

4th Place: Beverly Hills
Cheryl Barkovich, Evelyn Lucero, Betsy Lauryssen, Linda Lou Burton, Barbara Wallace

5-Man All Star @ Laguna Beach


1st Place: Coronado

2nd Place: Newport Harbor

3rd Place: San Diego

U.S. National Championships  10/17-2013 at Santa Anita BGC


Men’s Singles: Gold – Bill Brault (Southwest Stars)

Silver – Charlie Herbert (Southwest Stripes)

Women’s Singles: Gold – Kim Heiser (Southwest Stars)


Silver – Michele Arculli (Northeast)

Men’s Pairs: Gold – John Johnson & Andy Klubberud (Northwest)

Silver – Ian Ho & Jim Olson (Southwest Stripes)

Bob Schneider & Rob Behncke (Central)

Women’s Pairs: Gold – Anna Witt & Rebecca Nguyen (Central)

Silver – Myra Wood & Lorraine Hitchcock (South Central)

Jack Beckley Quinell Rinks  10/13/13  at Santa Monica LBC

A-Group (10 Teams)

1st Tony Baer, Rick Gregory, Debbie Gregory, Rosa Baer

2nd Bruce Phillips, Marty Bierman, Rob Humphrey, Eileen Morton

3rd John Arbogast, Richart White, Heidi Fernandez, Carol Poto

B-Group (6 Teams)

1st Chuck Cooper, Robert McMahon, Allan Einhorn, Irene Branski

2nd Bill Wolff, Cecil Bator, Linda Lou Burton, Linda Bator

US Open – 2013





1st: Roney, Heiser, Hitchcock, Mumma

2nd: Copier, Gregory, Salgado, Poto

Fifth Flight:

1st: Deno, Huisman, Head, Birkenshaw


Women’s PAIRS:

3rd Flight: 1st: Heiser, Mumma

5th Flight: 1st: Lancendorfer, DeFazio

Women’s SINGLES:

Fifth Flight: 1st: Abel 2nd: DeFazio

Men’s RINKS – championship

2nd: Miijnheimer, DeVries, Christensen, Zangl

Joslyn Mixed Triples  9/7/13 at Holmby Park LBC

A-Group (16 Teams)

1st Newport: Brian Stewart, Jan Hargraves, Dave Phillips

2nd Santa Anita: Marinko Tudor, Margi Rambo, Shuman Chan

3rd Sun City: Gail Hodgson, Elmer Hodgson, Christine Collins

4th Newport: Ryan Neptune, Dee McSparran, Candy DeFazio

5th MacKenzie: Chris Kennedy, Dale Goodmanson, Hildegard Kennedy

6th Oxnard: Aramand Escalante , Raul Perez, Doris Sneddon

B-Group (16 Teams)

1st Santa Monica: Dixie Vanderloop, Jackie Stanley, Amo Garcia

2nd Coronado: Bob Grobe, Berie Grobe, Margaret Cooper

3rd Laguna Beach: Shirley Price, Bob Schmalholz, Jim Lyons

4th Long Beach: John Arbogast, Richart White, Heidi Fernandez

5th Alhambra: Kay Tong, Cecilia Tong, Alan Ngo

6th Santa Anita: Don Stewart, Sean McMorris, Cheri Cabot

Men’s Novice pairs, Saturday, August 24, 2013 @ Lake Hodges

1st Tod Friedman, Lake Hodges, and Rich DeCoudres, Long Beach

2nd Kevin Jones, Riverside and Ron Rollick, Casta Del Sol
3rd Bob Birkenshaw, Sun City and Wiley Doss
4th Scott Weaver, Newport Harbor and Ron Gill, Newport Harbor

Maccabee Pairs 8/19/12 at Beverly Hills LBC  (16 Teams)

1st     Rick Gregory & Norm Wiles

2nd    Ed Quo & Aaron Zangl

3rd     James Flower & Phil Dunn

4th     Houdini Ho & Fan Hung

5th     Dee McSparran & Diana Wilk

Pat Gonzales Aussie pairs Tournament, Saturday, August 17th, 2013

A Green Winners

1st Thom Cloutier & Heidi Fernandes


2nd Scott & Linda Roberts


3rd Tony Crutchfield & Tanya Hills


4th Marinko Tudor & Margie Rambo


B Green Winners

1st Allan Einhorn & Irene Branski


2nd Tony & Brenda Head


3rd John Arbogast & Pat Gonzales


4th Royce Wilson & Stephanie Johnson


SWLBA Cary-MacDonald Pairs  8/10-11/13 at Long Beach LBC  (26 Teams)
Cary Flight

1st     Steve Smith & Bill Brault

2nd    Tony Baer & Scott Roberts

3rd     Houdini Ho & Herman Lee

4th     Mert Isaacman & Phil Dunn

Consolation:    Howard Harris & Len Wasserman

MacDonald Flight

1st     Neville Sacks & Joe Siegman

2nd    Ian Ho & Rick Gregory

3rd     Ed Quo & Jason Adams

4th     Liam Courtney & Ryan Neptune

Consolation:    Shuman Chan & Marinko Tudor

SWW Division Rinks  8/20/13 at Hermosa Beach LBC (10 Teams)
1st    Kottia Spangler, Dee McSparran, Jo Mumma, Debbie Gregory

2nd   Maryna Hyland, Heather Stewart, Anne Nunes, Sharon Grady

3rd    Evelyn Tiel, Verna Wallace, Linda Blanche, Brenda Head

San Diego Mixed Triples, Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

A Green

1st: Bill Hiscock, Ernie Alfondi, Olga McCord

2nd: Roger Teske, Phil Salt, Gerrie Giseburt

3rd: Steve Smith, Schott Roberts, Anne Nunes

4th: Georgie Deno, Dan Johnson, Jim Wyatt (consolation)

B Green

1st: Tom Davis, Eileen Lancendorfer, Renee Frank

2nd: David Chrivia, Tony Santos, Nancy Santos

San Diego Mixed Pairs, Sunday, August 4rh, 2013

1st: Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig

2nd: Steve Smith, Dee McSparran

3rd: Roger Teske, Gerrie Giseburt

4th: Jim Olson, Robin Olson

SWWD Vet-Novice Pairs  7/28/13 at Laguna Beach LBC

A-Green (6 Teams)

1st Dee McSparran & Barbara Gervase – Newport/Laguna Woods (2-0 +20)

2nd Jan Hargraves & Mary Jo Zirbes – Newport/Santa Anita (2-0 +12)

B-Green (6 Teams)

1st Carol Poto & Laurie Richards – Long Beach (2-0 +20)

2nd Linda Roberts & Norma Ingold – Newport (2-0 +12)

Detta Marvin Mixed Triples 7/27/13 at Laguna Beach LBC

Green-1 (12 Teams)

1st Mert Isaacman, Jan Hargraves, Maryna Hyland

2nd Ian Ho, Anne Nunes, Bob Nunes

3rd Jim Olson, Phil Salt, Robin Olson

4th Bill Olson, Jeff Rogers, Sally Hale

Green-2 (12 Teams)

1st Brian Stewart, Len Wasserman, Lynda Borkum

2nd Michael Siddall, Bill Brault, Eva Lee

3rd Liam Courtney, Dee McSparran, Norm Wiles

4th Jerry Grady, Phil Luth, Sharon Grady

2013 SWWD Pairs Playdowns:

Stripes:  Dee McSparran & Candy DeFazio


Stars: Christine Ludwig & Christine Collins

womens playdowns 007

Tommy Stirrat Mixed Triples 7/7/13 @ Santa Ana (16 Teams)

1st:  Rick Gregory, Paul Gresbrink, Debbie Gregory

2nd: Scott Boyd, Richart White, Candy DeFazio

3rd: Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Alan Einhorn

Boys & Girls Club Charity Triples 6/30/13 at Laguna Beach LBC

A Group (10 Teams)

1st Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Brenda Wright

2nd Scott Roberts, Ed Quo, Linda Roberts

3rd Liam Courtney, Norm Wiles, Lacey Wiles

4th Scott Boyd, Candy DeFazio, Fred Robles

B Group (10 Teams)

1st Herb Glazeroff, Stephanie Johnson, Richart White

2nd Dave Price, Bill Day, Jim Lyons

3rd Linda Blanche, Brenda Head, Tony Head

4th Gregg Gatusso, Richard Reid, Holly Reid

Coronado Mixed Triples 6/29/13 at Coronado LBC

A Group (10 Teams)

1st Ed Quo, Dee McSparran, Candy DeFazio

2nd Scott Roberts, Bill Kagan, Tanya Hills

3rd Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Maryna Hyland

B Group (6 Teams)

1st Jerry Grady, Phil Luth, Sharon Grady

2nd Gregg Gatusso, Richard Reid, Holly Reid

SWWD Women’s Novice Singles @ Long Beach June 23rd, 2013

1st: Laurie Richards (3 wins +25 points)

2nd: Diana Justin (3 wins +20 points)

wsinglesnovice 001

SWLBA Men Novice Singles @ Santa Ana  June 23rd, 2013

1st Rich DeCoudres 4 wins +27 (Long Beach)


2nd Jeff Rogers 3 wins +17 (San Diego)

3rd Robert Gervase 3 wins + 10 (Laguna Woods)

Laguna Beach Open Pairs  6/22/13 at Laguna Beach LBC

Women (14 Teams)

1st Kottia Spangler & Anne Nunes

2nd Kim Heiser & Debbie Gregory

3rd Mary Ann Beath & Dee McSparran

4th Gisela Schmid & Linda Roberts

Men (14 Teams)

1st Steve Smith & Bill Brault

2nd Michael Siddall & Joe Regan

3rd Howard Harris & Len Wasserman

4th Ian Ho & Jason Adams

Women’s SINGLES Playdowns @ Newport

June 8&9 and 15&16, 2013

Winner Stars: Kim Heiser, runner-up: Dee McSparran


Winners Strips: Anne Nunes, runner-up: Carol Poto


43rd Annual Disney Pairs 5/25-28, 2013

Beverly Hills LBC (28 Teams)

1st Ian Ho& Eva Lee

2nd Tony Baer & Phil Dunn

3rd Bill Wolff & Bob Ratcliffe

4th Rick Gregory & Norm Wiles

5th Dee McSparran & Candy DeFazio

6th Howard Harris & Christine Ludwig

7th Bill Hiscock & Olga McCord

8th Richart White & Rich DeCoudres

John Clark Mixed Triples

5/19/13 at Hermosa Beach LBC

A-Group (8 Teams)

1st Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Alan Einhorn

2nd Ian Ho, Eva Lee, Anne Nunes

B-Group (12 Teams)

1st Jeff Rogers, Dan Johnson, Sally Hale

2nd Cecil Bator, Brian Studwell, Betsy Lauryssen

Fossati & Friends Tournament, Sunday, May 5th, 2013

1st: Myra Wood, Kim Heiser, Lorraine Hitchcock

Fossatti tournament 010

2nd Mary Ann Beath, Linda Roberts, Carrie Fossati

3rd: Maryna Hyland, Heather Stewart, Eva Lee

4th: Kittia Spangler, Anne Nunes, Rosa Baer

SW Women’s SINGLES 5/4/13 at Long Beach

SW Womens SINGLES 010

1st Candy DeFazio

2nd Carol Poto

3rd Kim Heiser

4th Eileen Lancendorfer

Jack Beckley 2-Bowl Mix-Match Triples – 4/28/13 at Santa Monica LBC

A-Group (8 Teams)

1st Santa Monica: Phil Dunn, Brian Studwell, Betsy Lauryssen

2nd Newport: Ed Quo, Rick Gregory, Dee McSparran

3rd Alhambra: Fan Hung, Ka-Yiu Yu, Alan Ngo

B-Group (8 Teams)

1st Long Beach: Herb Glazeroff, Steph Johnson, Rich DeCoudres


2nd Santa Monica: Amo Garcia, Marty Bierman, Jackie Fleming

2013 WINNERS – Women’s Pairs– April 24th & 25th, 2013Championship
1st Reggie Banares and Dee McSparran
2nd Mary Ann Beath and Jean Roney
3rd Melanie Vizenor and Gerrie Giseburt
4th Cheryl Barkovich and Betsy Lauryssen

2nd Flight
1st Kim Heiser and Margi Rambo
2nd Christine Ludwig, Eileen Morton

3rd Flight
1st Patricia Cronshaw and Lorraine Hitchcock
2nd Linda Jahraus and Brenda Wright

2013 WINNERS – April 22nd & 23rd  Men’s Fours

Championship  1st Richard Broad, Jim Olson, Ed Quo, Scott Roberts

2nd Michael Siddall, Joe Regan, Bill Brault, Aaron Zangl

3rd James Flower, Stuart Bell, Brian Studwell, Barry Hayes

4th Mert Isaacman, Phil Dunn, Charlie Herbert, Ryan Neptune

2nd Flight   1st Ivan Hyland, Liam Courtney, Rick Gregory, George Petyo

2nd Bruce Phillips, Paul Gresbrink, Keno Shaw, Andy Berwick

3rd Flight:  1st Neville Sacks, Joe Siegman, Simon Meyerowitz,

2nd Howard Harris, Chris Davis, Jim Wyatt, Larry Holman

SW Open SINGLES – Women – April 22 & 23rd, 2013

Championship Flight

1st: Jean Roney

2nd: Candy De Fazio


3rd: Mary Ann Beath

4th: Kim Heiser

2nd Flight

1st: Reggie Banares

2nd: Dee McSparran

2013 WINNERS –  Men’s Pairs – April 20th & 21st, 2013 -Championship Flight

1st Roger Teske and Phil Salt 2nd Kay Tong and Fan Hung 3rd Richard Broad and John Johnson 4th James Flower and Stuart Bell

2nd Flight – 1st Steve Smith and Bill Brault 2nd Tony Baer and Aaron Zangl

3rd Flight – 1st Robb Pawlak and Jerry Knott 2nd Lyall Adams and Bill Pearson

4th Flight -1st Loren Dion and Ian Ho – 2nd Tom Burnoski and Gerry Roliz

5th Flight – 1st Joe Regan and Keno Shaw -2nd Shuman Chan and Barry Hayes

6th Flight – 1st Chris Davis and Larry Holman – 2nd Thomas Cloutier and Richart White

SW Open Rinks Women’s –Championship- April 20th & 21st, 2013

1st Regina Banares, Dee McSparran, Diana Wilk, Candy DeFazio


2nd Eva Lee, Kim Heiser, Brenda Wright, Lynda Borkum

3rd, Stephanie Johnson, Heidi Fernandes, Carol Poto, JoAnn MacKnight


4th, Maryna Hyland, Heather Stewart, Jan Hargraves, Betsy Lauryssen

2nd Flight

1st Mary Ann Beath, Jean Roney, Patricia Cronshaw, Lorraine Hitchock

2nd Cecile Langevin, Eileen Lancendorfer, Debbie Gregory, Margi Rambo

1st Gail Hodgson, Jo Mumma, Pauline Renshaw, Christine Collins
2nd Melanie Vizenor, Georgie Deno, Jackie Huisman, Oi Ling Kwan

Amador Martinez Triples
4/14/13 at Oxnard LBC (16 teams)
1st    Barry Pickup, Patricia Cronshaw, Bud Viard  2nd   Brian Stewart, Charlie Herbert, Ryan Neptune 3rd    Armand Escalante, Rich Purcell, Mike Newton      4th    Loren Dion, Aaron Zangl, Phil Luth  5th    Liam Courtney, Stan Bloom, Bill Reidy      6th    Jim Morton, Rob Humphrey, Eileen Morton

Carnival  4/13/12 at Long Beach (96 entries)

Pat Gonzales honored for her induction into the Hall of Fame 2012


1st Carol Gray (Hemet)

2nd Dick Cole (Santa Ana)

3rd Jerry Grady

4th Kelly Warren

5th Walter Toney (Long Beach)

6th Chick McIlroy (Hermosa Beach)

7th Tony Greenberg

8th Bill Day

9th Bernie Crabtree (Long Beach)

10th Mike Mensing (Hemet)

11th Don Gray (Hemet)

12th Patrick Walsh (The Groves)

13th Ann Kirchberg (Long Beach)

Consolation Rita Greenberg

Jean MacAuley Mixed Triples
4/7/13 at Laguna Woods LBC

A-Green(14 Teams)

     1st      Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Brenda Wright      2nd     Ian Ho, Ryan Neptune, Eva Ho

     3rd      Scott Boyd, Candy DeFazio, Richart White

winners 001

     4th      Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Kottia Spangler

B-Green(10 Teams)

     1st      Hal Siddall, Bob Whalen, Karen Sando      2nd     Wayne Helmer, Bob Gervase, Helen Mathewson      3rd      Greg Gattuso, Richard Reid, Holly Smith-Reid     4th       Patrick Collins, Wiley Doss, Christine Collins
4th       Jeff Rogers, David Chivria, Sally Hale

Friendly Valley Mix-Match Triples
4/6/13 Friendly Valley LBC  (15 Teams)


A Group  (1st Game Win)

1st     Kay Tong, Frank Duarte, Ka-Yiu       2nd    Andy Kerr, Jim Hempe, Bruce Bell

3rd    Scott Roberts, Cheryl Barkovich, Linda Roberts

4th    Patrick Collins, Fred Robles, Christine Collins

B Group  (1st Game Loss)

1st    Paul Gresbrink, Dee McSparran, Diana Wilk

  2nd   Amador Martinez, Armand Escalante, Raul Perez

  3rd    Dick Ashmore, John DiTomasso, TBD

   4th    Tony Head, Brenda Head, Nancy Doss

    Murray Saturday & Sunday March 23rd & 24th @ Riverside

1st    Charlie Herbert 2nd Steve Smith 3rd Roger Teske 4th    Phil Dunn

    Allison Saturday & Sunday March 23rd & 24th, 2013 @ Riverside

1st    Jim Flower  2nd   Aaron Zangl 3rd Kelly Warren 4th    Fred Robles

SWWD Women only Vet Novice Triples Sunday, March 24th, 2013 @ Costa Del Sol

1st:  Jan Hargraves, Dee McSparran, JoAnn MacKnight


2nd : Candy DeFazio, Carol Poto, Eileen Lancendorfer


3rd: Heather Stewart, Linda Jahraus, Kristen Fulks


Hong Kong – Tiger Bowls   – March 24, 2013 –

1st Place Men’s RINKS Dan Christensen & Dennis Mijnheimer, Frank De Vries all residents of Pattaya, Thailand and Ralph De Rooij from Holland won the gold medals in Hong Kong in a competition which involved 72 four-man teams. This is the second American to ever win a World Bowls event.


386177_10200469814095321_1069070900_n 892643_10152689906400171_705114558_o

California Bears Tournament March 23rd, 2013

1st: Kim Heiser, Janice Bell, Debbie Gregory, Gisela Schmid


2nd: Gail Hodgson, Cecile Langevin, Linda Roberts, Jo Mumma

3rd: Maryna Hyland, Heather Stewart, Eva Lee, Myrna Chan

Don Goodrich
SENIOR TRIPLES, Saturday, March 16, 2013.
A and B Flights – Winners:

A Green (10 teams)
1. Chuck Cooper, Irene Branski, Allan Einhorn
2. Bill Timms, Vern Konen, Chuck Nesejt
3. Paul Gresbrink, Angie Salgado, Joe Egerer
4. Gregg Gattuso, Boyce Stringer, Richard Reid

B Green (8 teams)
1. Chuck Brandt, Tom Walling, Patt Henry
2. Tony Head, Mike Hart, Barbara Hart
3. Mike Bright, John Ruelas, Wanda Ruelas

SWLBA So Cal Triples – Men
3/9-10/13 at San Diego (16 teams)

1st    Tony Baer, Charlie Herbert, Ryan Neptune

2nd   Roger Teske, Ed Quo, Phil Salt

3rd    Michael Siddall, Joe Regan, Phil Dunn

4th    Neil Furman, Ian Ho, Rick Gregory

Consolation:  Bob Findlay, Peter Ritchey, David Chrivia

March 9th, 2013 SWWD Australian Pairs -Women @ Riverside

1st Kim Heiser & Eileen Lancendorfer


2nd Dee McSparran & Candy DeFazio


3rd Jackie Huisman & Stephanie Johnson


4th  Debbie Gregory & Linda Roberts -(no photo available)

Vet-Novice Mix-Match Triples
3/2/13 at Santa Anita BGC  (20 Teams)
1st     Patrick Walsh, Ron Rollick, Bruce Bell

2nd    Keno Shaw, Skip Stanfield, George Patton

3rd     Richart White, John Arbogast, Heidi Fernandes


4th     Houdini Ho, Joe Yu, Herman Lee

Mumma Mixed Pairs (Women Skip)  2/23/13 at Riverside LBC

A-Green (14 Teams)

1st Eva Lee & Bill Kagan (3 +28)

2nd Linda & Scott Roberts (3 +16)

3rd Christine Ludwig & Howard Harris (3 +14)

B1-Green (14 Teams)

1st Stephanie Johnson & Tony DeFazio (3 +17)


2nd JoAnn MacKnight & Fred Robles (3 +23)


3rd Heidi Fernandes & Richart White (3 +11)


4th Eileen Lancendorfer & Tom Davis (2-1)


B2-Green (14 Teams)

1st Patt Henry & Jim Popevis (3 +16)

2nd Wanda Taylor & Dewey Tse (3 +17)

3rd Shana Schmoller & Bob Sweetland (2 +8)


Winter League Developmental FINALS played at Laguna Beach Feb 16th, 2013 Long Beach Wick-It Women vs Pomona and the

First Place:  Wick-It Women – Bernie Crabtree, Stephanie Johnson, JoAnn MacKnight, Heidi Fernandes ~~  CONGRATULATIONS!


SC Sun City, AZ Women’s Singles, Feb 11th & 12th, 2013


1st place:  Kim Heiser  won the women’s singles for the 3rd time in the last 5 years.

2nd- Mary Wright  3rd- MaryAnn Beath  4th- Dee McSparran

2f-1 Candy DeFazio 2f-2 Rikki Ricard


above photo is “hail” that stopped Candy De Fazio’s singles game.

Sun City, AZ – February 9th & 10th, 2013 SCD Women’s Open Fours (Rinks)

1st–  Sue Roth, Jackie Tucker, Constance DesJardins and Carol Canivez repeated as the women’s fours champions

2nd– MaryAnn Beath, Marlene Cleutinx, Beryl Harrington and Anne Van Bastelaere

3rd- Rikki Ricard, Alexis Vanden Bos, Linda Roberts and Carol Poto

4th- Jeanne Christie, Chris Johnson, Jean English, Ann Sherman

2f-1 Jan Hargaves, Dee McSparran, Diana Wilk, Candy DeFazio

2f-2 Melanie Vizenor, Eileen Lancendorfer, Eileen Morton and Margi Rambo

3f-1 Kottia Spangler, Anne Nunes, Robin Olson, Carrie Fossati

3f-2 Lil Davies, Elaine Hansen, Pat Webster and Jennie Scutt

3f challenge- Dianne Douglas, Rosalie Parsons- Brown, Cathy Weiliczko and Donna Law


3rd place WINNERS !3rd- Rikki Ricard, Alexis Vanden Bos, Linda Roberts and Carol Poto

2012 Club Championships

Christmas Party 2012 003

Novice Singles – March 2012

1st  Stephanie Johnson

2nd Tie between : Jackie Huisman and Heidi Fernandes

Vet Novice Pairs – August 2012

1st Richart White and Jim Lee

2nd Peter Sinclair and Heidi Fernandes

Triples – April 2012

1.Dan Christensen, Richart White and Candy DeFazio

2. Cecile Langevin, Eileen Lancendorfer and Tom Davis

Pairs – August 2012

1.John Arbogast and Richart White

2.Gordon Thomas and Carol Poto

Singles – Nov/Dec 2012

1. Cecile Langevin    2.  Thom Cloutier

SWWD Vet-Novice Mix/Match Triples
11/17/12 Long Beach LBC (18 Teams)

1st Ryan Neptune, Dee McSparran, Jason Adams (3-0 +26 +15)

2nd Jerry Grady, Jan Hargraves, John Drews (3-0 +26)

3rd Marinko Tudor, Margi Rambo, Barry Hayes (3-0 +21)

4th Kay Tong, Scott Boyd, Carol Poto (2-1-0 +14)

SWWD Mixed Pairs (Men Skip) 11/10/12 at Santa Anita BGC

A-Green (14 Teams)

1st Marinko Tudor & Margi Rambo

2nd Kay Tong & Carol Poto

3rd Ted Farfaglia & Candy DeFazio

B-Green (22 Teams)

1st Fred Robles & Cecile Langevin

2nd Doug Lofstrom & Jan Hargraves 3rd Fred Anast & Angie Salgado

4th Tom Davis & Eileen Lancendorfer

5th Bill Wolff & Cheryl Barkovich Tie

5th Keno Shaw & Cheri Cabbot

Sun City Triples
11/3/12 at Sun City LBC

A Flight (10 Teams)

1st Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Lynda Borkum

2nd Robert McMahon, Brenda Wright, Allan Einhorn

3rd Dan Johnson, Melanie Vizenor, Frank Manfredi

4th Gregg Gattuso, Roberto Moran, Richard Reid

B Flight (8 Teams)

1st Chuck Cooper, Jeff Rogers, Sally Hale

2nd Conrad Melton, Brenda Head, Tony Head

3rd Bud Shelley, Patrick Collins, Dana Doss

4th Paul Gomez, Shelley Rosenberg, Erlene Edwards

2012 National Champions (October 25 – 28th) @ San Diego, CA

Women’s Singles

Gold– Michele Arculli (NE)  + Silver– Eva Lee (SW) + 3rd place Carol Poto

Women’s Pairs

Gold –Janice Bell & Nancy Nishikawa (NW) + Silver – Myra Wood & Lorraine Hitchcock (SC)

Men’s Singles

Gold – Jon Bumoski (Pl) + Silver – Bob Schneider (CE)

Men’s Pairs

Gold – Neil Furman & Jason Adams (SW) + Silver – Mert Isaacman & Phil Dunn (SW)

SWWD 5-Star
10/21 at Long Beach LBC (8 Teams)
1st Newport Harbor LBC (Jan Hargraves, Eva Lee, Anne Nunes, Brenda Wright, Carrie Fossati)

2nd Newport Harbor LBC (Dee McSparran, Kottia Spangler, Debbie Gregory, Myrna Chan, Sharon Grady)

3rd Laguna Beach LBC (Linda Jahraus, Kim Heiser, Shirley Price, Patty Lucas, Gisela Schmid)

SWLBA 5-Man All-Star
10/21 at Laguna Beach LBC (12 Teams)
1st San Diego LBC (Neil Furman, Steve Smith, Leonard Wasserman, Jim Olson, Bill Brault)

2nd Newport Harbor LBC (Mert Isaacman, Charlie Herbert, Brian Stewart, Rick Gregory, Ryan Neptune)

3rd Santa Monica LBC (Jim Flower, Stu Bell, Brian Studwell, Amo Garcia, Marty Bierman)

Waterbury All-League Championship
10/20/12 at Laguna Woods LBC (10 Teams)
1st: Newport Harbor LBC: Charlie Herbert, Jan Hargraves, Don Stewart
Jerry Grady, Ted Farfalia, Dee McSparran

2nd: Alhambra LBC: Houdini Ho, Fan Hung, Herman Lee
Kay Tong, Alan Ngo, Vern Edwards

3rd: San Diego LBC: Jim Olson, Len Wasserman, Jeff Rogers
Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Robert McMahon

Jack Beckley Quinell Rinks
10/14/12 at Santa Monica LBC

A-Group (10 Teams)

1st Liam Courtney, Ed Quo, Ryan Neptune, Dee McSparran

2nd Ian Ho, Eva Lee, Kottia Spangler, Anne Nunes

3rd Neville Sacks, Joe Siegman, Bill Wolff, Anne Barber

B-Group (6 Teams)

1st Dale Lucas, Patty Lucas, Rita Greenberg, Fred Robles

2nd Marty Bierman, Cecil Bator, Zev Zilbershtein, Linda Lou Burton

3rd Chuck Cooper, Jeff Rogers, Alan Einhorn, Sally Hale

SWLBA Men & Women Vet-Novice Pairs

Laguna Beach LBC (26 Teams)

1st Dee McSparran & Jason Adams

2nd Dan Johnson & Jeff Rogers

3rd Ed Quo & Carol Poto

4th Stan Silver & Frank Manfredi

5th Steph Johnson & Woody Cain

6th Gary Fischer & Bob Gervase

Sun City LBC (12 Teams)

1st Norm Wiles & Joey Dyche

2nd Patrick & Christine Collins

Australian Pairs
10/7/12 at Riverside LBC

A-Green (16 teams)

1st Michael Siddall & Patrick Chan

2nd Ryan Neptune & Dee McSparran

3rd Roger Teske & Gregg Gattuso

B-Green (18 teams)

1st Patt Henry & Kevon Jones

2nd Alan Ngo & Fan Hung

3rd Morris Lane & Barbara Clark

Club President’s Cup Pairs 10/6/12 at Newport HLBC (18 teams)

1st Rick Gregory & George Petyo

2nd David Breedon & Carrie Fossati

3rd Ted Farfaglia & Sharon Grady

4th Chuck Muser & Gary Ostergerg

U.S. Open 2012 results GO

Women’s Fours: Championship Flight

1st:  Jean Roney, Kim Heiser, Lorraine Hitchcock, Jo Mumma

2nd: Guurtje Copier, Debbie Gregory, Angie Salgado, Carol Poto

Third Flight: 2nd:  Regina Banares, Dee McSparran, Eileen Lancedorfer, Candy DeFazio

Women’s Singles: Championship Flight: 3rd:  Eileen Lancendorfer 4th:  Kim Heiser

Women’s Pairs: Second Flight: 2nd Kim Heiser, Jo Mumma

Men’s Fours:Third Flight:  2nd: Bruce Phillips, Paul Gresbrink, John Arbogast, Reggie Rook

Joslyn Mixed Triples
9/22/12 at Holmby Park LBC

A-Group (16 Teams)

1st Newport: Ivan Hyland, Ian Ho, Maryna Hyland (3-0 +23)

2nd Newport: Brian Stewart, Ryan Neptune, Myrna Chan (3-0 +14)

3rd Oxnard: Armand Escalante, Amador Martinez, Gloria Brown (2-1 +15)

B-Group (16 Teams)

1st Santa Monica: Fred Nichols, Amo Garcia, Jackie Stanley (3-0 +34)

2nd Holmby Park: Zev Zilberstein, Cecil Burton, Linda Lou Burton (3-0 + 25)

3rd Hermosa Beach: Morris Lane, Don David, Jan Andrews (3-0 +13)
2012 U.S. Open
9/8-9/14, Casta del Sol, Newport Harbor, Laguna Beach, Laguna Woods, Long Beach

Memory Glass Open Pairs
9/1-2/12 at MacKenzie Park LBC (16 teams)

Championship Flight

1st Neville Sacks & Joe Siegman

2nd Michael Siddall & Bill Brault

3rd Loren Dion & Phil Luth

3rd Amador Martinez & TBD

Mike & Mimi Majer Mixed Pairs
8/25/12 at Laguna Woods LBC

A-Green (16 teams)

1st Jim Olson & Robin Olson

2nd Brian Stewart & Anne Nunes

3rd Bill Kagan & Eva Lee

4th Scott Roberts & Linda Roberts

B-Green (16 teams)

1st Dale Lucas & Patty Lucas

2nd Loyde Stewart & Helen Mathewson

3rd Jeff Rogers & Sally Hale

4th Bob Gervase & Barbara Gervase

Coast League Round-up
8/24/12 at Long Beach LBC

1st Game

1st Charlie Herbert, Carrie Fossati, Candy DeFazio

2nd Richart White, Dee McSparran, Jim Lee

3rd Ted Farfaglia, Tom Hargraves, Steph Johnson

4th John Arbogast, Bev Adams, Mack Pearre

Last Jim Hempe, Patty Lucas, Tanya Hills

2nd Game

1st Richart White, Dale Lucas, Art Jenkins

2nd Gary Fischer, Bob Cummings, Mack Pearre

3rd Cecile Langevin, Bob Montes, Thelma Forston

4th Jan Hargraves, Tom Hargraves, Teemo Macchiavello

Last Ted Farfaglia, Bill Fife, Elliott Kenyon

Pat Gonzales Mixed Australian Pairs
8/20/11 at Long Beach LBC (Quinnell scoring)
A-Green (16 Teams)

1st Andy Kerr & Carrie Fossati

2nd Rick Gregory & Debbie Gregory

3rd Jerry Grady & Sharon Grady

4th Ed Quo & Dee McSparran

B-Green (16 Teams)

1st Paul Gresbrink & Angie Salgado

2nd Shannon Schmoller & Bob Sweetland

3rd Don Stewart & Mert Pambianco

4th Scott Boyd & Georgie Deno

Club President’s Cup Triples
8/19/12 at Newport HLBC (24 Entries for 8 Teams)

1st Jerry Grady, Sally Cadwallader, Ron Temple

2nd Brian Stewart, Jim White, Cathy MacDonald

3rd Rick Gregory, Linda Roberts, Jim Reach

Maccabee Pairs
8/19/12 at Beverly Hills LBC (16 Teams)
1st Bill Hiscock & Ken Law

2nd Bill Brault & Carrie Fossati
2nd Houdini Ho & Fan Hung

4th Howard Harris & Christine Ludwig

Pat Gonzales Mixed Australian Pairs
8/18/12 at Long Beach LBC (Quinnell scoring)
A-Green (14 Teams)

1st Dan Christensen & Tanya Hills (+32)

2nd Gary Fischer/Thom Cloutier & Candy DeFazio (+28)

3rd Scott Roberts & Linda Roberts (+26)

4th Rick Gregory & Dee McSparran (+26)

B-Green (18 Teams)

1st Cheryl Barkovich & Malcolm McDonald (+32)

2nd Conrad Melton & JoAnn La Frenais (+31-1/2)

3rd Evelyn Tiel & Jim Semanek (+28)

4th Reggie Rook & Step Johnson (+26-1/2)

SWLBA Novice Pairs
8/12/12 at Laguna Woods LBC (12 Teams)
1st Jason Adams & Mack Pearre (Laguna Beach 4-0 +32)

2nd Bob Gervase & Larry Gutwill (Laguna Woods 4-0 +22)

3rd Jeff Rogers & Frank Manfredi (San Diego 3-1 +19)

4th Jake Jeffery & Woody Cain (Long Beach 3-1 +9)

SWWD Vet-Novice Pairs
8/12/12 at Laguna Beach LBC
A-Green (6 Teams)

1st Maryna Hyland & Barby Flaxman – Newport Harbor (2-0 +20)

2nd Melanie Vizenor & Sally Hale – San Diego (2-0 +16)

B-Green (8 Teams)

1st Evelyn Tiel & Nancy Doss – Sun City (2-0 +17)

2nd Shana Schmoller & JoAnn MacKnight – Long Beach (2-0 +16)

Detta Marvin Mixed Triples
8/11/12 at Laguna Beach LBC
1st-Green (10 Teams)

1st Gary Fischer, Jerry Grady, Sharon Grady (4-0 +13)

2nd Andy Kerr, Scott Boyd, Candy DeFazio (3-1 +16)

3rd Reinie Kramer, Kim Heiser, Jason Adams (3-1 +2)

B-Green (10 Teams)

1st Brian Stewart, Len Wasserman, Lynda Borkum (4-0 +16)

2nd Neil Furman, Aaron Zangl, Eva Lee (3-1 +21)

3rd Ed Quo, Scott Roberts, Linda Roberts (3-1 +15)

Invitational Mixed Triples
8/5/12 at San Diego LBC
A-Green (14 Teams)

1st Scott Roberts, Aaron Zangl, Linda Roberts

2nd Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Anne Nunes

3rd Jim Olson, Robin Olson, Carrie Fossati

4th Garrett D’Aigle, Roberto Moran, Gerrie Giseburt

B-Green (6 Teams)

1st Bill Kagan, Ralph Cook, Greg Mattson

2nd Boyce Stringer, Jeff Rogers, Lynda Borkum

Chef Works Mixed Triples
8/4/12 at San Diego LBC
A-Green (16 Teams)

1st Neil Furman, Jan Hargraves, Melanie Vizenor

2nd Howard Harris, Christine Ludwig, Dee McSparran

3rd Roger Teske, Richard Reid, Duxie Smukler

4th Chuck Cooper, Irene Branski, Frank Manfredi

Consolation: Steve Smith, Bill Brault, Anne Nunes

B-Green (10 Teams)

1st Tom Davis, Eileen Lancendorfer, Renee Frank

2nd Georgie Deno, Dan Johnson, Ken Law

3rd Tom Hargraves, Shirley Price, Bob Schmalholz

4th Reggie Rook, Barbara Clark, Herb Glazeroff