Up & Coming Tournaments

Long Beach Lawn Bowling Club is 100% Bowls USA


2017 ~  to view current calendar for tournaments & for flyers  & for all results please visit the SW web site   http://swlawnbowls.org/

2/11-2/16 Sat.-Thursday South Central OPEN in Sun City, AZ Men-Sun City West & Women Sun City

2/17-2/18 Fri.-Sat. Skills Camp @ Sun City AZ

2/25 Sat. Mumma Mixed Pairs (Women Skip) @ Riverside

2/26 Sun. Rain Date for Riverside

3/4 Sat. Vet-Novice Mix or Match Triples @ Santa Anita

3/5 Sun.  Rain Date

3/10 – 3/18 Tiger Bowls & China Open @ Hong Kong & China

3/11 – 3/12 MEN Murray-Allison Singles @ Riverside

3/11 WOMEN Australian Pairs @Santa Ana

3/12 Start Daylight Savings

3/15 Ladies Day @ Santa Anita

3/18 Carnival @ Long Beach

3/19 LBLBC function: St Patrick’s Day Corn Beef Sandwiches

3/25 – 3/26 MEN So Cal Triples @ San Diego

4/1 WOMEN Vet-Novice Triples @ Casta Del Sol

4/2 Don Goodrich Senior Triples @ Sun City

4/8 Friendly Valley Mix/Match Pairs @ Friendly Valley

4/9 Amador Martinez Triples @ Oxnard

4/19 Ladies Day @ Casta Del Sol

4/22-4/23 SWD Open Men – Pairs @ Santa Anita

4/22-4/23 SWWD Open Women – Rinks/Fours @ Santa Anita

4/24-4/25 SWD Open Men – Rinks/Fours @ Santa Anita

4/24-4/25 SWWD Open Women – Pairs @ Santa Anita

4/26-4/27 SWD Open Men – Singles @ Santa Anita

4/26-4/27 SWWD Open Women – Singles @ Santa Anita









One thought on “Up & Coming Tournaments

  1. Hello fellow Long Beach ‘Bowlers’…. missing all you mates! well, it looks like I’ll be startin” over again!! on the greens…for the 3rd time in two years… when the muscle tissue grows a bit more over my new Hip ‘tie rods’…no, to save money I did not use my ol’ Datsun Z car suspension parts… I won’t be tilting to the left any more though, I may lean that way yet I like being a Centrist…straight up… just like our USA did yesterday @ the polls…Charles “Chuck’ Kunkle

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