Bowls for Sale


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Bowls for  Sale:


Tiger 2

Brown bowls

ABT 2000

4/23/2019 Frank Moltane  714-839-3942



‘Drakes Pride Jazz – 5 Heavy’
See either
Thom Cloutier
or Richart White



Make: TAYLOR BLAZE Set of 4 slightly used bowls
Details: Size 4 heavy, dimple comfort grip
Gentle sweep bais between Ace and Vector VS
Plays well on outdoor and indoor greens
Color: Maroon with Gold Lettering
​Expiration Date: 2024
Price: $295.00
Bowls Location: Long Beach, CA
Seller Name: Mel Leach
Seller Email Address:
Seller Phone: 562 594-6368
​Date Displayed June 1, 2018
Shipping costs not included.


bowls 003

Seller: Reg Wing  or contact Richart White   Insignia:   Indian Chief   Drakes Pride/Melbourne  Size: 6M Cost: $100.00  (his bowls are at the Club House- so just in case you can’t get a hold of him – come to the club house or call us.)  (1/1/2015)

Henselite Classic, Sz 5 Heavy – Excellent condition cost: $150.00 contact: Richart White  (1/1/2015)


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